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  • April 24, 25 and 26, 2021

    International Micropigmentation Congress

International Micropigmentation Congress

Micro-pigmentation has become a real phenomenon throughout the world. We have made Paris the epicenter of sharing the perfecting of new techniques. For the past two years, the City of Lights has brought together the most renowned and qualified professionals in the world.

Micro Paris is the reference event in the sector. This is why you can't miss the opportunity to attend the learning of revolutionary techniques.

We we pleased to invite you to join us and live this unique experience. This 3-day congress will be rich in teaching and innovation, held by international specialists, and will plunge you into a world of cutting-edge techniques and show you that tomorrow begins today.

Boost your career with Micro-Paris.

Paris is calling. You can’t miss it !

Being surrouned by the ones of the leading professionals in the industry, you will learn exclusive methods that will help you how to manage innovative and revolutionary technologies.

The programme includes lectures, exhibitors, networking and more.

20 hours of intensive training followed by a half-day Master Class with certification at the end.

You will have the chance to participate in the biggest and most important competition (competition or challenge) in Europe, with an award ceremony for the best in the category.

At the end of this incredible odyssey, a closing gala is planned to make you sail among the most beautiful postcards of the globe.

Where does Micro Paris happen?

NewCape Event Center :

  • 1min a pé da estação Bir-Hakeim (Linha 6)
  • 2min a pé da estação (Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel (Trem RER C)
  • 18min a pé da estação Passy (Linha 6)
Please note: Tickets and accommodation are not included in the package. They must be paid separately by the participant
24 to 26 of April, 2021
Day 1 - 24/04 (Friday)
08:00Registration / Kits deliveryReception at New Cap Events 3 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris
09:00Coffee breakEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
09:30Official openingEspace Seine New Cap Events
10:00Aline Luz = Theme: Threads and Shadow in the DermographEspace Seine New Cap Events
10:40Lais Lima = Theme: Hybrid technique (threads and shadows for eyebrows using tebori and dermograph)Espace Seine New Cap Events
11:10Wbyster Lopes - Tema: Natural NipplesEspace Seine New Cap Events
11:50Sponsor SpaceEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
12:10Show CaseEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
12:30Lunch break
13:30Sarah Romdhane - Theme: Fabulouspin BrowsEspace Seine New Cap Events
14:00Wanessa Alencar - Tema : Perfect DesignerEspace Seine New Cap Events
14:20Kristina Melnicenco - Theme: FoxyLiner TechniqueEspace Seine New Cap Events
15:00Sponsor SpaceEspace Seine New Cap Events
15:50Labor gymnasticsEspace Seine New Cap Events
16:00Ryan Kingsbury = Theme: SMP - Male e FemmaleEspace Seine New Cap Events
16:40Ana Muller = Theme: Dancers - A new concept of natural yarnsEspace Seine New Cap Events
17:00Eugênia Arrieta - Theme: MistylipsEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
17:30Show CaseEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
17:50ClosingEspace Seine New Cap Events
18:00Delivery of Material for the 1st Stage of the Championship.Espace Seine New Cap Events
18:201st Stage of ChampionshipEspace Seine New Cap Events
Day 2 - 25/04 (Saturday)
08:00Coffee breakSpace Grenelle New Cap Events 3 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris
09:00Artistic PresentationEspace Seine New Cap Events
09:10Gabriela Fortuna = Theme: Hyaluron Pen + MesotherapyEspace Seine New Cap Events
09:50Carol Martins = Theme: Perfect Brows - Maximum Fixation in StrandsEspace Seine New Cap Events
10:30Laís França - Theme: Outlined Eyes - Dermograph x TeboriEspace Seine New Cap Events
11:10Sponsor SpaceEspace Seine New Cap Events
11:30Sabrina Santos = Star Make showEspace Seine New Cap Events
11:50Show caseEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
12:10Lunch break
13:10Renata Barcelli = Theme: Intelligent Entrepreneurship to achieve real resultsEspace Seine New Cap Events
13:50Cher Soares = Theme: Dark Circles Camouflage - Dark Circles and Their SecretsEspace Seine New Cap Events
14:30Emanuela Milani = Theme : Velvet LipsEspace Seine New Cap Events
15:10Sponsor Space
16:00Labor gymnasticsEspace Seine New Cap Events
16:10Show caseEspace Grenelle New Cap Events
16:20Marta Bregadioli = Theme: Microblanding without mysterySpace Seine New Cap Events
16:40Dr. André Borring = Theme: A promising market in aesthetics & micropigmentationEspace Seine New Cap Events
17:20Moment of Tribute (Renata Bondiolli / Luana Fernandes / Jeniffer / LuandaEspace Seine New Cap Events
17:40Sponsor SpaceEspace Seine New Cap Events
18:00ClosingEspace Seine New Cap Events
18:10Delivery of Material for the Last Stage of the ChampionshipEspace Seine New Cap Events
18:30Last Stage of ChampionshipEspace Seine New Cap Events
Dia 3 26/04 (Domingo) - MASTER CLASS
08:00Emanuela Milani = Lip RevitalizationEspace Vocation Paris République
08:00Cher Soares = Dark Circles CamouflageEspace Vocation Paris République
08:00Gabriela Fortuna = Hyaluron PenEspace Vocation Paris République
08:00Kellen Bauck = Realistic Thread MicrobladingEspace Vocation Paris République
08:00Carol Martins = Precise threads - How to reduce up to 90% of retouchingEspace Vocation Paris République
12:00Free Afternoon = Special Tourism Packages for congress participants with the company - Tour In ParisMichele Tour (Brazilian) - +33 7 82 02 21 72 = WHATSAPP
20:00Gala Dinner "Under the stars of Paris"Ship Le Paris - Quai de Debilly / Quai Branly Port Debilly 75016
The Master Class is a private course with about 30 people, during which 5 techniques will be covered, allowing participants to improve new techniques. This course is held by a specialist and you will have the opportunity to learn more about micro-pigmentation methods through a live demonstration on a model.
You will have to choose a technique no later than 30 days before the date of the event.
You will receive by e-mail, a notification of the opening for the online registration. Places are limited, so stay tuned and do not miss this chance.
At the end of the Master Class a certificate will be delivered.
This "Competition" or "Challenge" at international level, will give you the chance to show all your talent and be recognized for your skills. Winning the award for best in the category will strengthen your signature and make your brand stand out.
The jury is composed of outstanding specialists. They have been carefully selected from among the most renowned in their category.
Choose your category and put all the chances on your side. Become a reference professional.


For experienced pmu experts


For experienced microblading experts


For experienced experiences in hybrid


For experienced lip experts
attention: you must pay the registration amount from
Gala Night
Cherry on the cake, the gala is also one of the most eagerly awaited moments. It's an opportunity to get together and share with the participants and specialists the richness of the learning that took place during these 3 days. We will toast to our success and reward the winners of each category (challenge or competition) around a cocktail dinner while admiring the most beautiful postcards of the globe under the stars of the City of Lights.


Enjoy. be at the largest and only european micropigmentation congress

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