Dr. André Borring

Bachelor Of Biotechnology, Specialized In Photonic Sciences; »Master In Laser By The European Medical Laser Association And Former Member Of Parliament Of This Entity Representing The Chair Of Portugal. »Honorary Doctorate By The School Of Laser Technology And Photonics (2019); »Founding Member Of The Brazilian Laser Society – SOCILASER; »Master’s Degree In“ Laser Pigment Removal ”From Nuovolaser Training Center In Luxembourg; »2009 Laser-Procedures Excellence Award From Huafei Technology Governmental Institute, Guangzhou, China. »Laser Therapist At Guimarães Private Clinic – Portugal; »Technology Consultant For The Laserleap Project At The Pedro Nunes Institute, Incubated At The University Of Coimbra (2014-2015); »Founder And Current Director Of The European Laser School – ELS; »CEO Of The Company WB LASER TECHNOLOGY Of Portugal; »LASER LADYBUG Creator (Popularly Known As Ladybug Laser – The 1st Depigmentation LASER Designed Exclusively For Micropigmenters.» Ti.LASER Technology Creator – A Low-Intensity Biomodulatory LASER Tiara That Assists In Optimizing Results In PMU And Also Depigmentation. »Awarded“ Pigment Awards 2017 ”For Recognition Of Technological Advances For PMU.» Awarded “OSCAR PMU BRASIL 2018” For Technological Advances In Micropigmentation.


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